May 19, 2019

The Best Mineral Sunscreens in Clean Beauty – A Review of Suntegrity’s Impeccable Skin

I feel it in the hot and humid Floridan air... Summer's here!

As schools wrap up and summer break draws near, I thought this would be the perfect season to share my thoughts about a handful of clean and non-toxic mineral based facial sunscreens. If you've been on the hunt for a sunscreen you'd like to ride the summer heat waves with, stick around! I'm here to give you my 2 cents on the ones I love and think are worth the investment, and a couple that aren't worth your $$$.

Today, we'll take an insider’s look at the semi-recently released – sunscreen and foundation – Suntegrity’s Impeccable Skin.


Suntegrity is a "holistic, mineral sun care line to help people avoid skin cancer." And they have a wide range of self-care products to protect our skin from the sun's UVA/UVB rays. Many of their products rate very low on the EWG's toxicity scale and their formulations are free of "Silicones, Oils, Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, Paba, Nano-Particles & Chemical UV Absorbers.


The Impeccable Skin is a hybrid sunscreen/foundation that has been useful for my casual days at home or running errands around town. As a sunscreen, this product offers a broad spectrum [blocking both UVA & UVB rays] with a sun protection factor of 30.

As a two-in-one, it saves me a little bit of time, the formula is easy to spread with my fingers, and it doesn’t leave a white cast or apparent streaks of color. As a foundation, it gives light to medium coverage with a super glow-y finish. It has no fragrance and hasn’t caused my skin to break out – all things that I look for in a sunscreen.

Another plus: once matted down with powder, the Impeccable Skin layers well under makeup, like blush and bronzer, and has a pretty long-lasting coverage that fades away gracefully over the course of the day.

The question is, would I buy this sunscreen again? Maybe... Here's why I hesitate. 

I’m finding that Suntegrity’s Impeccable Skin lacks a bit of refinement. Yes, It works well as a sunscreen but as a foundation, when I spread the ¼ teaspoon of product [the recommended amount for daily SPF coverage] on my face, it looks like I’m wearing quite a bit of coverage and feels thick on the skin.

As someone who enjoys a no-make-up look and feel, I want to be able to wear a foundation that evens out my skin tone, reduces the appearance of redness and blemishes but still looks like my skin from closeup. Am I asking for too much? [Haha] The Impeccable Skin is great for those who are looking for fuller coverage but personally, for my taste, I think the makeup looks too obvious from close range.

I prefer to apply the Impeccable Skin simply as a foundation. I'll first put a good slather of Juice Beauty's SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer BB Cream in "Sheer" as a sun protective base all over my face and neck. Then, I'll spread another layer of Suntegrity's Impeccable Skin on top of the Juice Beauty sunscreen as a light-medium coverage foundation.

Where this particular product shines is in how well it reapplies. Depending on my activities of the day, I like to reapply sunscreen at least once in the mid-day to make sure that I'm fully protected from the sun's UV rays at all times. I just take two pumps of the Impeccable Skin and spread it on my face over the foundation. Then I'll quickly dab on a little blush and bronzer to bring back a little bit of color to my face – this entire process takes only 5 min.

Also, as is the case for most mineral sunscreens, it finishes a bit greasy. The Impeccable Skin has a quite dewy finish which does not matte down over time. For those of you who have oily skin, I would suggest trying out a sample size before investing in the full-size tube.

Being a owner of two fuzzy pets, I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of pet hair stuck on a tacky face. So, to combat the dewy finish, I recommend setting this sunscreen with a mattifying powder. FYI, although a super glow-y look is in fashion these days and a dewy finish may give the appearance of youth, it does tend to accentuate the texture of blemishes and large pores as well – something to keep in mind.

From left to right: Buff (neutral undertone), Sand (warm undertone), Bronze

Presented in options for BB cream, CC cream, or foundation, I find that the shade range is lacking. The Impeccable Skin is available in only five shades – Ivory, Buff, Sand, Tan, Bronze – and is too full-coverage to blend in and adjust to different skin tones. I do appreciate that Suntergrity offers sample sizes to swatch so that you can test out a shade before purchasing the full size.

BUFF –  neutral undertones, fair to light

SAND –  warm undertones [leans more orange than golden/yellow], light to light-medium

BRONZE –  slightly warm undertones, deep tan

I have yellowish undertones so I found Buff to be a bit too neutral for my skin tone, and Sand much too orange. To accommodate for my specific skin tone, I purchased the full size of the Buff and sample sizes of Sand and Bronze to mix in with the Buff to adjust it to the shade of my skin. I purchased the Bronze shade in hopes of mixing it in with Buff as I get progressively tanner over the summer. As of now, I've been using it to add a little bit of color to my cheeks and across my nose bridge. The darker shade also works well as a subtle contour around the edges of my face and to chisel out my cheekbones.


The trend these days is to incorporate skin care ingredients within makeup formulations. “Cosmetic,” nowadays, is not purely cosmetic and on the surface anymore, but infused with actives as a treatment to the skin throughout the day. Suntegrity has jumped on this bandwagon and has formulated their Impeccable Skin with aloe vera, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides, promising to “visibly reduce the signs of aging.” I would be interested to see if and how my skin benefits from wearing Impeccable Skin over a longer period. If I see any huge benefits, I'll make sure to update you in the future.


So, was this clean mineral sunscreen a winner? I'd have to say that my staple daily sunscreen is still Juice Beauty's Mineral Moisturizer with Suntegrity's Impeccable Skin Moisturizing Face Sunscreen coming in a close second.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase of Suntegrity's Impeccable Skin and recommend it to be sampled by normal to dry skin types, and for those of you who are looking for a mineral sunscreen with fuller coverage that applies easily without leaving a white cast. But, if you have oily skin, don't usually wear a fuller coverage foundation, or hate the dewy/glow-y look, I'd recommend trying out a sample size of the Impeccable Skin before taking the plunge and purchasing the full size.

Also, [wink] I have a few more sunscreen options up my sleeve that might suit your skin even better! So do keep an eye out for more in-depth reviews of clean mineral sun protective moisturizers in the next couple posts! 

Wishing you all a BEAUTY-Full Day! 


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