May 29, 2019

Is Beta Glucan the New Hyaluronic Acid? – Review of JKosmmune's Skincare Collection

JKosmmune's Complete Skincare Kit has been a daily staple in my skin care routine since last November and let's just say that I have a couple backup sets as a replenishment for my soon to be empties!

Before we get into the details, here's a quick overview of why I think JKosmmune is worth looking into:
  1. It's formulated with non-toxic & scientifically tested active ingredients to bring hydration and moisture to the skin.
  2. It works[!] in rejuvenating the skin. [more on this in the following section]
  3. It's suitable for all skin types and gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin.
  4. It's unisex and easy to use without frills or fuss – golden stamp of husband approval
  5. It's surprisingly affordable – $144 for 4 full-size products that will last about 4-5 months of daily use.
  6. Almost their entire set is fragrance free and essential oil free, except for their lotion which has some citrus fruit oils in the formulation.

"In Jkosmmune (pronounced j-cos-muune), the J stands for JK BioPharma, KOS for cosmetic, and MMUNE for immunity. "Kosmetic Immunity brings healthy, glowing skin for everyone!"


I love JKosmmune's transparency as a brand and the way they demystify the ingredients list so that anyone can see and understand exactly what is in their product formulations. For every one of their products, JKosmmune lists the ingredients, the current EWG rating and a quick explanation of what each ingredient does. The ingredients in their skincare collection all seem to have a low toxicity rating of 1 or 2. Their products are also free of "paraben, ethanol, talc, mineral oil, silicon oil, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, sulfate, and color additives." Thumbs up for clean beauty!

Here's an example of the Enzyme Cleansing Powder's ingredients listed below.


The most important active ingredient in JKosmmune's products is beta glucan. So "what is it," you ask?

According to JKosmmune's website, beta glucan is "a natural, immune-boosting substance found in fungi, bacteria, lichen, algae, plants, and yeast. In 2006, scientists discovered that beta glucan could penetrate the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. Thanks to its immune-boosting properties, this biopolymer became a useful adjuvant immunotherapy for cancer patients who had undergone radiation."

The immunity benefits of beta glucan to the skin according to JKosmmune:
  • Hydrates the skin below the surface & locks in natural moisture – eliminating redness, irritation, wrinkles, and pigmentation.
  • Stimulates collagen production – reducing fine lines and wrinkles, speeding up wound healing
  • Has anti-irritant and strong anti-inflammatory properties – to soothes and calm skin 
  • Has anti-oxidant properties – for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle 
  • Encourages cellular turnover by creating new fresh skin cells while supporting existing structural cells.
  • Helps repair the skin's moisture barrier  & rebuilds your skin's surface cells
  • Protects the skin from pollutants and climate effects

Why is JKosmmune's Beta Glucan Better?

JKosmmune's products, scientifically backed-up by JK BioPharma Solutions, contain a high quality and concentrated form of pure beta glucan. It's water soluable, 100% natural and derived from the schizophyllan mushroom through a patented process that eliminates the use of chemicals and produces a potent, 99.9% pure form of beta glucan.

JKosmmune is the first company in the States to use this form of beta glucan in skincare. "While other brands use 0.4% or less beta glucan in their products, [theirs] contain 0.6%. This 0.2% difference may sound small, but it has an outsized effect."


Jkosmmune's Enzyme Cleansing Powder has become my go-to cleanser for my evening routine.

If you've tried or heard of the Rice Polish by Tacha [$65 for 60g] or Suisai's Beauty Clear Powder [$23 for 13g], you're probably familiar with the concept of a dry, powder cleanser that lathers into a foam when water is added. This one by Jkosmunne [$23 for 60g] is the most budget friendly out of the three.

I have normal to dry skin with aging concerns and many of the cleansers that are recommended for my skin-type are surfactant-free milk cleansers or those that utilize a very gentle surfactant like decyl glucoside. In many cases, I find that these cleansers, while gentle and soothing, leave an oily film, either from the cleanser itself or residue sebum from my skin, that inhibit my moisturizing products from absorbing effectively into the pores during the later steps of my skincare routine.

What really sets this cleanser apart from the handful of others that I currently own is that it cleanses my face gently without drying it out and it leaves no trace of oiliness or residue greasiness. After a wash with Enzyme Cleansing Powder, my face physically feels clean, soft, and smooth, without feeling taut, irritated or red. I'd reckon this would be an effective cleanser for all skin types – normal, dry, oily, combo, aging, & sensitive.

As I mentioned, since this cleanser comes in dry powder form and lathers into a velvety smooth, creamy mousse when water is added, it's convenient to take with you on-the-go, to store in your travel bag, gym bag, or (in my case) dance bag without heaviness or fear of spillage. They also have single use, individual pouches available too.

Also, instead of using a physical exfoliant like rice powder, fruit seeds or even sugar and salt, which can cause micro-damage/scarring to your skin, this cleanser employs fruit enzymes/acids to lightly "chemically" exfoliate the skin. It gently penetrates the top layer of the dermis to encourage a quicker turnover of dull, dry skin, leading to a face that looks brighter and more youthful.

In case you already have this cleansing powder in your skincare lineup, here's a quick tip to get the perfect amount of water mixed in with the powder for (what I found to be) the easiest application. I like to put a little of the cleansing powder in my left hand, and then just wet the other (right) hand under the sink. I'll rub my palms together for a light lather, than rub the cleanser onto either a dry or wet face. Easy as pie!

I use this product as a second step in my double cleansing routine. So after using an oil cleanser (which removes make-up and sunscreen residue) I'll wash my face with this Enzyme Cleansing Powder. 


Jkosmmune's Toner and Serum go well together because this alcohol-free toner can be used like an essence, as well as a typical toner that is used with a cotton pad to remove residual impurities. The mister apparatus is a bit too powerful to use as a "throughout the day" pick-me-up spray. My favorite way to apply this toner is by spritzing the product on the palms of my hands and then patting it in like a essence (or a men's aftershave).

The toner has no fragrance and immediately feels hydrating and refreshing on the skin. The moisture from the toner preps my pores to become more receptive to the actives in my upcoming layer of serum, not to mention that this hydro-packed toner is also infused with beta glucan to soothe, take away redness and inflammation, and even condition the skin.

As I navigate the world of clean beauty, I'm finding that it's not an easy feat to find an affordable water-based serum that is free of toxins and gentle enough for aging, dry, and sensitive skin.

Useful for both morning and evening application, this serum is fragrance free, lightweight, absorbs quickly and layers well under other serums without pilling. If you put on too much product, the serum can leave a slightly tacky finish. But when properly applied – only one drop per cheek + a drop for the neck and chest area – you'll find that there is no residue tackiness. Especially if you've already prepped the skin moist with the Toner, a little serum goes a long way!

Truth be told, I think it's been a combination of several products, along with the conscious skin-caring choices I've been making these past few months, but this serum has helped maintain my skin even during the cool of Florida winter. I naturally have dry-ish skin and my face is prone to dry and turn to slightly ashy patches around my mouth if not hydrated properly. The ashy-ness makes a seamless foundation application difficult, and accentuates the wrinkles around my mouth, eyes, and forehead. By using this serum in the morning and evening, I've found my skin's happy and balanced sweet spot.


The only product that I can't outright recommend to everyone is the Lotion in JKosmmune's Complete Skincare Kit. The rest of the set [powder cleanser, toner, serum], I think, would suit almost all skin types. But as is usually the case with moisturizers, a good match or not is a matter your skin's needs and personality.

This lotion has been working well for me in keeping my face and neck supple and moisturized, but, in general, as with most moisturizers that I mention on my blog, I would try to get a sample of the product and feel the texture on the skin first-hand before purchasing it.

If there's a spectrum from the thickest to the lightest moisturizers – from a solid overnight masking balm [like this one from Acure] to a watery serum-like moisturizer [like Bella Aura's collection] this one lands in the middle, leaning ever-so-slightly to the heavier side.

Especially for the winter months and at all times of year for dry spots, I like how this lotion feels on my skin. Once applied, I can tell for several hours afterwards that while a portion of the lotion has sunk in, a thin layer of product is still sitting on top of the skin to maintain the moisture level and the suppleness on the surface.

Because this formulation contains citrus oils, I only use this lotion in the evening as a finishing step to my skincare routine. [read about photosensitivity and citrus oils in the day-time here] And on nights when I apply this lotion, I don't feel a need to apply another layer of face oil – the lotion is sufficient.

100% naturally fragranced, the Mandarine and Orange oils give this lotion a subtle refreshing and uplifting scent – like a Florida orange.


If I had to choose one clean skincare set that I've used this year that is all-encompassing & performs excellently, it would be (hands down) JKosmmune's Complete Skincare Kit. For all of the reasons I've shared above I have a feeling that JKosmmune will remain a staple in my skincare routine for many-a-month ahead! 

As you can see below, I've already got my next set ready to go!

P.S. If you're on a tight budget and are interested in trying just one or two products from this line, I would recommend purchasing the Serums first and the Cleansing Powder second. [wink]

Wishing you a BEAUTY-Full Day!


The Complete Skincare Kit was kindly gifted by JKosmmune for an honest review

All images © 2019 Grace Song Photography


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