April 21, 2019

Celebrating Earth Day - How Local Organic Farms Could Be Saving Our World

Happy Earth Day Friends!

To celebrate, I wanted to highlight our fun trip Sweet Acre Farm and share quotes of how this small family farm has paved the way to a holistic growing, sharing, and consuming our food.

Sweet Acre Farm is a “small, diversified, family farm, producing certified organic vegetables, flowers & eggs for Farmers Markets, wholesale restaurant & grocery accounts in the Hartford and Eastern CT area., and a small CSA.”

We - my husband, our Aussie puppy and I - had the opportunity to visit Farmer Jonathan and Charlotte a couple seasons ago. While Farmer Jonathan, a young talented pianist, and my husband discussed and shared music, my pup and I frolicked around green pastures, meeting curious farm animals, and deeply breathed in the fresh air of rural Connecticut. It was a glorious day – one not to be forgotten.

“the act of farming addressed many of the deep concerns we have about our food system, environmental degradation, public health, and community building. Knowing that farming for our neighbors in CT can have a positive impact in each of those areas keeps us growing.”


I still remember and cherish the simple yet flavorful and nourishing lunch we shared with Jonathan, Charlotte, and the intern farmers. We prepped an enormous salad with fresh micro-greens from the field and tossed in a simple home-made vinaigrette. We paired the greens with perfectly boiled eggs, crisp snap peas, hummus, and whole wheat bagels. Sitting around a rustic wooden table, the sun smiling in, we broke bread together - as a big, happy family.

“We believe strongly in allowing the principles of nature to govern our fields. This means that we count on the diversity of our crops, the diversity of our insects, and the health of our soil to produce bountiful, beautiful, nutritious, and delicious food. Within this Holistic approach there is no room for chemicals, pesticides or fungicides of any kind.”


Fameress Charlotte shares about Being Part of the Movement and the ways “this local food movement has so much potential to do a powerful lot of good in our communities.” Have you stopped to think of how local organic farms, like Sweet Acre Farm, could be saving our world?

Wishing all of you a BEAUTY-Full Day!


All quotes from Sweet Acre Farm

All images © 2019 Grace Song Photography


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