March 5, 2019

The Clean Beauty Box – Indulge with Beneath Your Mask's Elixirs

How have you all been? I can't believe it's March already! 

I've been choreographing a short solo for an upcoming opera production and having so much fun getting my creative juices flowing and brainstorming movement in the dance studio. Since my sun-lit hours have been filled with dance and photography work, I've had to spend many-a-nights creating content for the blog. Which means less beauty sleep... but late-night blogging also means lots of cups of yummy herbal tea and extended masking sessions – so I haven't minded too much. [hehe]

I'm currently sitting here freshly showered after a sweaty rehearsal and masking with LILFOX's Cleopatra Milk + Honey Mask from last month's Clean Beauty Box while slathered in this month's body oil, "Total Body Elixir," by Beneath Your Mask.

Truth be told, I received this month's box in the mail only a couple days ago. With only had a handful of times to play around with these two products, I didn't think it would be fair to give my opinions on these babies quite yet.

But since a lot of you seem to enjoy an insider's look at what you might be getting, month to month, in The Clean Beauty Box, I though I would post a visual tour of this month's contents, my first impressions of the products, and an overview of the brand!

Let's get this party started!


Starting this month, The Clean Beauty Box took "clean" to the next level and revealed their new eco-friendly packaging! High fives are in order here! The box's exterior still looks absolutely beautiful and features artwork from their monthly collaboration with a visual artist. 


This month's tropical [and, may I say, very Floridian] design is by Fox & Fallow. Here's a snippet about the artists above. 


I was introduced to Beneath Your Mask through watching an interview of the founder, Ms. Dana Jackson, a couple month's ago. Her story of healing and recovery from a severe form of Lupus has been an inspiration and hope for many.

The Story Behind the Name: 

"To ask for help for me is to show weakness, but in that moment it was the strongest thing I’d ever done. I had peeked from beneath my mask of invincibility. It was a leap of faith... The most important and hardest work has been taking off my mask and facing myself. I realized that God could heal me once I removed my mask and revealed my true self — not because He wasn’t willing to before, but because I hadn’t been willing to be vulnerable and humble enough to receive that healing. Hence my company name, Beneath Your Mask." –Dana Jackson

This month features two products, the Total Body Elixir[$90] and the Skin + Hair Serum[$24] that together totals a retail value of $114. For a monthly subscription starting at $39-$41 per month, this month's box is, again, a great deal.

P.S. A little bird tells me the Clean Beauty Box has sold out three months in a row now!


After her long journey of physical healing, Ms. Jackson searched the self-care market for products that would help her skin and hair recover from the Lupus, excess weight gain & loss caused by steroids, chemotherapy, and hair loss. She discovered that many products that were available were not suitable for those who had health challenges involving the immune system, as "autoimmune diseases have difficulty with the detoxification system and become very sensitive to even the most minor of synthetic chemicals." 

Hence, Beneath The Mask's first skincare product, the Whipped Skin Soufflé, made it's debut in 2012 and since then, the size of her collection has grown. Each product is 100% natural, mainly organic and formulated with botanic active ingredients and oils that are pure and steam-distilled to deeply nourish our bodies from the outside in.



The Clean Beuaty Box's two picks for this month of March – the Indulge Total Body Elixir & Skin + Hair Serum – feel immediately conditioning to the skin. The Body Oil is especially rich and heavier in texture. These oils would be perfect for those of you living in cold or dry climates and/or for anyone who generally has dry skin all year round, like me! They both smell beautifully citrus-y and the scent lingers on the skin for a little while for a bonus aromatheraputic effect. 

 Thank you all for joining me on the Beauty Cleanse Blog and...
I wish you all a BEAUTY-Full Day!


*The Clean Beauty Box was kindly gifted by The Clean Beauty Box

All images © 2019 Grace Song Photography

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