March 5, 2019

Photo Journal of our trip to L.A. – Coming Back Home

Hi friends!

I wanted to share some [lights-camera-action!] shots of our trip to the West coast. This visit was extra special for me because, as many of you know, I grew up in Southern California and I hadn't been back since a cinema screening of FAME HIGH ages ago.

Some highlights were, as you'll see, visiting my old arts high school on Cal State Campus, walking around the hip streets of Sunset Boulevard, and noshing on high quality Korean food in K-town, all the while cruisin' around in our Mustang convertible rental car, and catching up with good ol' friends and mentors.

Foodies Unite

First thing we did when we landed on L.A. soil was... FOOD!!! Sorry Disney, this is my "happiest place on earth." 

Hands down, Cho Sun Galbee Restaurant in K-town is the place to hit up if you're ever in the area. Coming from a true Korean here [haha], they have the "real deal," authentic Korean cuisine. 

We ordered Korean BBQ Ribs, Sashimi BiBimBap, and Spicy Nangmeun Noodles. As in most Korean restaurants, it came with a handful of pickled sides. BTW, the kimchi was ex-cceellent. 

Watching the Sun Set on Sunset Boulevard

Then we headed to Sunset Boulevard – the heart of all things boho creative and artsy. I loved the vibes here and really felt free and alive.


And, of course, if you're a tourist, you can't say that you've seen L.A. until you've taken a photo [or two, or three] of the Hollywood Sign!

Visiting My Ol' Stomping Grounds

Walking these halls brought back memories of Birkenstocks with socks [#fashionfails], AP class presentations, elephant ears, ballet buns, and green unitards. [haha] And it made me nostalgic of the four years spent with some of the most artistic and hard working teenagers. Class of 07! Represent!

Scenes From The Passenger Seat

We were in L.A. folks, which meant A LOT of driving. Thankfully, we had a fun convertible that gave us full exposure to the smog [ahem] and also the unique scenes of L.A. living. Palm trees galore! 

Peace Out L.A. Till next time.

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