February 26, 2019

Thoughtful Tuesdays – What is Clean Beauty?

I thought I would do something out of the ordinary and share a "Thoughtful Tuesday" post with you today! [Who else is altogether attracted to alliteration?  hehe] 

This is something that I've been chewing on for the last several months and, to be honest, I'm still chewing on it. And perhaps this "Thoughtful Tuesday" may leave us with more questions than answers, but what I'm noticing is that perhaps my understanding of CLEAN BEAUTY had been limited in the past.

When I began to share my journey on the Beauty Cleanse Blog, my goal was to switch over to non-toxic, safe-to-consume products for self-care. But, I'm discovering that, clean beauty can be expressed in more ways than one.

"Clean" could refer to the source of the ingredients, who was hired to provide these ingredients [fair trade], its sustainability and environmental impact, a morally upright business model, or whether anyone or anything was harmed in the creation of the product [cruelty free].

Brands that are holistic from the start to the end of their production process are not only doing a service to us, the customers of their safe products, but their efforts branch out to touch and impact positively so many different aspects of our world. 

Several companies come to mind –

L'uvalla – an all-natural skin care brand that is sustainable from seed to shelf

"‘LUV’ ALL is the very core of our values and we believe that it should permeate every aspect of our business. Putting our values into action – operating what we call ‘commerce with a conscience’" –luvalla.com

Samudra Skin & Sea and Shilpi Chhotray, its founder, encourages us to think twice about our endangered marine-life and offers us an opportunity to play a part in ocean conservation. Their mission directs our gaze to a bigger picture beyond our personal comforts and needs.

“My background in ocean conservation and marine science ignited a lifelong desire to protect our blue planet. With every purchase we try to raise awareness of our impact on the ocean and her creatures.” – Shilpi Chhotray

Lhamour – "we want to share the philosophy of loving yourself, loving others and loving the environment through an environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach. We want to be positive change makers through our brand and our products." – lhamour.com

Can a mere skin care brand become a beacon of light and contribute to the progress and prosperity of our bodies, the environment, the economy, and the global community as a whole?

The word “clean” encompasses so much more.

Thank you for joining me on a Thoughtful Tuesday.
Wishing you a BEAUTY-Full Day!


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