January 24, 2019

Get The Glow – Part III – Make Your Skin Glow With These 5 Tips!

Glow – when the light reflects off the high points of the face highlighting the cheekbones, chin, brow bone, and bridge of the nose; the kind of brilliance your face exudes after a good workout or a steamy bath.

This "glow" can give a face the appearance of youthfulness and health. And if you've been following my "GET THE GLOW" series, this is the look that I aspire to recreate on a daily basis though a clean skincare regimen and make-up routine.

Now, with that being said, you're hearing these tips from someone with a genetic inclination for normal to dry-ish skin. Not all is lost, [sigh] but I really need all the help I can get to create and retain that coveted dewy look.

I got lucky with this photo here [wink], but to give an example of "glow," can we check out how the light bounces off and high points of my face and chest?

Make Your Skin Glow With These 5 Tips!

Here are a couple things I started doing with my make-up routine that really up-ed my glow this past year and I hope these tips and tricks will take your glow to the next level!

1. Start Dewy

Skin care first, right? Toss the expensive silicone based primer and invest in a set of clean, nourishing and hydrating skin care products. If your skin is illuminated from the inside out, there's less we have to do to enhance the dew. 

If you have any questions regarding non-toxic skin care products, please let me know in the comments below. I'm not a professional in any way but I've tried a handful [more accurately] a cart-load of products already so I might be able to guide you in the right direction.[wink] Also, I've shared some reviews of skin care sets on Instagram that I have yet to mention on Beauty Cleanse, if you'd like to take a look.

2. Stick With Cream Products 

In general, powder-based makeup tends to sit on top of the skin – making the skin look cakey, powdery & dry, and accentuating wrinkles as the powder sets into fine lines.

More often than not I'll prefer the look and feel of a creamy foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blush on my skin. Also, as the day goes on, I find that cream based makeup fades away more gracefully and forgiving-ly rather than creasing or separating on the skin.

Don't have a cream blush on hand? No worries! Here's a demo of my lipstick hack! All you need is a tube of your favorite lippie for a fun pop of color on your cheeks, eye, and [of course] lips!

And, in case you missed Part II of the "GET THE GLOW" series, here are all the cream products that currently play a major role in my daily "glow-up" make-up routine.

3. Facial Oil + Foundation 

Mix the tiniest amount of your favorite lightweight facial oil to your liquid foundation. [By "tiny," I mean less than one drop of oil.] I like to mix the foundation and oil into a rich emulsion in the palm of my hand before applying. This will immediately enhance your glow by 100% and infuse your make-up with skin nourishing oils too!

This trick is also helpful if you currently have a full-coverage foundation that you want to thin out a bit for a more natural, day-time look.

With that being said, depending on your skin care products, this may cause product pilling [when the layers of product start rolling up into grainy bits]. So do experiment with the "facial oil + foundation" method when you have a bit of extra time – just in case you have to wash your face and start over.

*Troubleshooting – and if pilling does occur, play around with your morning skin care routine to switch out heavier moisturizers or silicone based products for more lightweight ones, or just wait slightly longer for the layers of products to absorb into the skin before applying the foundation layer.

4. Choose An Appropriate Finishing Powder

So far, we did all this "work" and put in the effort to maintain the dewy-ness of our skin! Good job, team! Next, let's look into setting our makeup with a light coat of a mineral based illuminating finishing powder instead of a skin-mattifying setting powder.

A lot of clean setting powders, as you'll discover, are plant based. And many of them are formulated with cornstarch. I made the regretful mistake of purchasing one of these [ahem...] from Beautycounter for a lot of $$$ and now it just sits there unused on my vanity.

Cornstarch, a cheap, plant based ingredient that easily festers bacteria, tends to suck up natural oils and gives my skin a dull and dry finish. Cornstarch-based setting powders are best used by very oily skin types, or strategically on the T-zone for those with combo skin, and lightly around the eyes to set eye make-up.

Instead, nowadays, I use Alima Pure's Satin Matte Foundation in Warm 2 and A'del Natural Cosmetic Loose Eyeshadow in Dusk to lightly set/finish my make-up. Mineral based foundations and eye-shadows are great to adopt as an option for an illuminating finishing powder because the mineral particles actually reflect light!

This plays out in my makeup routine in 2 ways – depending on if I'm wearing all powder based makeup or cream based products – because you typically don't want to apply cream on top of powder:

  • POWDER based make-up routine, order of application – cream foundation, the ALIMA PURE FOUNDATION to set my foundation, then contour, bronzer, blush, and everything else. Brush on A'DEL'S EYESHADOW in dusk as a highlight. 
  • CREAM based make-up routine, order of application – cream foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and everything else, then finish with the ALIMA PURE FOUNDATION to set everything. Then I'll lightly brush on A'DEL'S EYESHADOW in dusk as as highlighter or lightly tap on TATA HARPER's CREAM HIGHLIGHTER.

5. Finish With A Mist

Last but not least,[!] cap your make-up routine with a refreshing mist of H20!

This will not only help set/bind your make-up to the skin – helping it to look fresh for longer – it feels A-MAZING, and adds immediate hydration and dewy-ness to your skin!

In terms of product recommendation, it really doesn't matter which particular mist you use. Really, if you have a misting apparatus, you can just fill it with plain ol' water and use that. I purchased a huge jug of Aloe Vera distilled water from Amazon that I've put into a glass mist-er to use for this purpose. 

Everyone's skin is unique [like a fingerprint] so these tips might be best used as a flexible guide, especially for those of you with dry, aging skin. I hope this gets your creative juices flowing, though, on how to get the most out of your current make-up set. Have fun trying new things! Especially with clean/green make-up products, you can safely experiment and interchange cheek, lip, eye colors!

So with that, I leave you with five new and easy ways to get your glow on! 

Wishing you all a BEAUTY-FULL Day!



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