December 26, 2018

What Not To Do – PART II – Facial Oils

Hi Friends!

Welcome back to PART II of this season's "What Not To Do" series where we'll be covering some basic information on how to correctly and safely get the most out of your skin care products.

Today, we'll be focusing our attention on one of my favorite type of skin care products – FACIAL OILS.

100% natural face oils are wonderful substances and I use them day and night in my skincare regimen. They are excellent at injecting antioxidants from the carrier oils and botanical extracts directly into your skin, and keeping your face supple, bouncy, and glowing all day long by sealing in the moisture on your skin. They work to nourish AND protect your skin's epidermis.

But did you know that your facial oils and oil based serums could be suffocating your skin?

Facial oils are usually suggested to be applied at the very end of your skin care routine. Why? Let's think simple chemistry – because water and oil repel each other. The differing densities [water being more dense than oils] and differing polarities [water being a polar molecule while oils are non–polar] are several reasons why oil and water just don't mix.

Can you observe that the [yellow] oils have floated to the top while the [blue] water settles to the bottom?

What this means for us in skincare is, because many creams and lightweight liquid serums are formulated with water as the foundational ingredient, most of the time it makes sense to apply them first before applying the facial oil. The oil will seal in the H2O from the toner, serum, and moisturizer and keep your skin moisturized for a longer period of time.

But, if you were to apply a layer of facial oil on clean, dry skin without taking the appropriate steps to hydrate [infuse H2O] into your skin first, you may end up with dry, suffocated skin!

Here are just some quick tips I keep in mind when applying facial oils:

PAIR OILS WITH H2O – Pair the oil with H20 for optimal absorption - whether you're coming out of the shower and slightly damp or you spritz on a toner, serum, or a lotion based moisturizer, apply the oil along with some water-based product to help with absorption.

LESS IS MORE – Only use a couple drops per application [2 – 3 drops max].

PRESSING TECHNIQUE – Gently massage and firmly press the oil into your skin to help push it into your pores instead of just sitting or sliding on top of the dermis.

AVOID CERTAIN OILS IN THE MORNING – as I mentioned in PART I of "What Not To Do," avoid applying oils with certain ingredients that may trigger a photosensitive reaction when it interacts with sunlight.

I absolutely recommend facial oils for all skin types [dry, combo, & oily] and would love to know which facial oil you think I should try next. Please let me know your favorite facial oil in the comments below!

And I wish you all a BEAUTY-Full Day!


Today's post highlights OSHAN Essentials' luxurious oil collection for the body, face, and hair.

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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