December 31, 2018

Goodbeing's December Natural Subscription Box – A Hit or Miss?

UPDATE [5.29.2019] – The Goodbeing Box as a monthly subscription has been discontinued since April 2019. Although this subscription box is no longer being offered, the products from this month's box are still available in the clean beauty marketplace. I hope you enjoy these photos and reviews!

Happy New Years Friends!

I have two subscription boxes in front of me that I’m excited to reveal, to launch us properly into 2019 – Goodbeing’s December Discovery Box and the Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics. I’ve shared the skinny on some of the upsides of subscription boxes in my previous posts – like receiving a greater total retail value of products than what you pay per box. However, what a subscription box also entails is that you might not absolutely need or love all the products that you receive that month. Was this month's Goodbeing box a hit or miss?

The five goodies in this month’s box and their retail value:  
Jivi’s Magnesium Body Butter [$18] 
MyChelle Dermaceuticals’ Wrinkle Spot Treatment [$36] 
Uniful’s Creamy Concealer [$24] 
Ursa Major’s Bright & Easy 3-Minbute Flash Mask [sample size] 
Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant [$12.50]

Well... I have to be honest and say that this box included items that I really liked, a few that made me feel "eh" [shrugging shoulders], and a few that I found unwearable. 

Here we go! Let's take a look! 

Uniful’s Creamy Concealer

Starting off on a good note is this clean concealer by Uniful Beauty. It comes in three shades and Goodbeing sent me the lightest color ["fair"]. This shade is a tiny bit light on me and I would be curious to see if the next shade darker [in "light"] would be a better match. But for how I use it – not necessarily to cover up blemishes, but to apply around the eye area to lighten up the under-eyes just a touch, and also as an eyelid primer for eyeshadow – this concealer color works well. This extra coverage also came in handy this past month when I caught a cold while traveling [...achoo!] and needed to neutralize the redness around my nose.

Looking at the ingredients list, the majority of this concealer is formulated with certified organic and nourishing natural oils like coconut, argan, jojoba, sunflower with different iron oxides for the pigmentation. If you're sensitive to comedogenic oils, I would do a test patch before going all out with this concealer. 

It's been a while since I've posted about foundations so I think we'll be taking a closer look at this concealer and a couple others in a separate blog post soon. Check back in a little while for a more in-depth look at Uniful Beauty's Creamy Concealer, 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Foundation, Beautycounter's concealer and some new tricks and tips I use with my foundations these days to get the most skincare benefit and glowing application every time!

Jivi’s Magnesium Body Butter

I’m going be an Honest Abe and let you know that this body butter by Jivi was a disappointment for several major reasons. When I switched over to clean beauty, my hope was to discover products that would feel as luxurious and effective as the established skin care products/brands that you’d find at a department store. The experience of a product – the physical packaging, smell, texture of the formula, and visible results – should [in a perfect world] come together in a way that brings harmony, satisfaction and joy to the consumer. [Gaelle Organic, Bristol & Sussex, and Twelve Beauty are a few up and coming, indie companies that I think have accomplished this or come close]

Some upsides of Jivi’s Body Butter are that it is 100% natural and 93% organic. This product is so safe that Jivi says it’s edible! It’s hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic – great for those with sensitive skin – vegan, cruelty-free, and uniquely infused with magnesium to help relax muscles for a “good night’s sleep.”

My box came with the Chocolate version – scented and formulated with cocoa butter. And as I mentioned, this product was a disappointment and I have yet to get a good use out of it. The initial smell was pungently chocolate [which I didn’t mind] but after the body butter is spread on the skin it has a subtle after-smell of bitter herbs. The texture and color reminded me of thick hummus and when I went to spread it, it took a bit of elbow grease to smooth out some of the clumps that had formed.

But actually [this was the worst part], once the product dried on my skin, it started flaking off everywhere. I had to hop back into the shower to rinse this off before reapplying another body lotion/butter. This tin of body butter doesn’t expire for another 12 months so I’ll try to figure out some creative ways to put this product to work – I’ll keep you updated – but as of now, this will be stored away until further notice.

Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant & Ursa Major’s Bright & Easy 3-Minbute Flash Mask

I'm the type of person [if these exist] that doesn't usually smell bad. As a professional dancer and living in hot and humid Florida, oh boy, do I have opportunities to sweat. But smell? You'd have to ask my dance partners or my husband for a second opinion but, really, some days I can go without deodorant without smelling different by the end of the day.  

That being said, though I can't attest to the odor masking efficacy of this deodorant, I do love the way this one from Ursa Major soothes the underarms with its formulation of Aloe Vera, absorbs the sweat naturally with Kaolin clay and how it smells of Mint and Eucalyptus. It smells like a walk in a pine forest and tingles a little on application to make your underarms feel cool and refreshed as well.

I also received Ursa Major's Bright and Easy Flash Mask in the sample size. I was only able to get one use out if it and I don't know if it made a long lasting change to my skin but, overall, I enjoyed the experience and the idea behind this mask. It only takes three minutes for the mask to be effective [unlike most other masks that take 15-30min], and because it's not clay based, it washes off easily and without leaving dirt residue around the sink. It smells softly refreshing and feels like a light, fluffier version of a silicone primer – the gel gliding smoothly and cooling to the skin. I would be interested in seeing if this product, used over a longer period of time, would have visible benefits to the skin. 

MyChelle Dermaceuticals’ Wrinkle Spot Treatment

This small but mighty tube has introduced me to MyChelle’s skin care collection, and piqued my curiosity for their entire anti-aging line. First of all, may I commend MyChelle for packaging their serum in a roller-ball format? This makes for a very convenient application, perfect to pack for trips, evenly distributes the product, and makes my skin feel cool and refreshed on contact.

“Tri-Peptide blend of anti-aging Pentapeptide-18, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-30, and soothing fruit extracts to help smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Cooling rollerball applicator helps deliver instant hydration to target fine lines and wrinkles around the eye contour and lip area.” – MaChelle

For those of you with sensitive or dry skin – as a friendly warning – this product contains Alcohol pretty high up on the ingredient list. The Wrinkle Spot treatment burns my eyes and irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes but feels okay when applied on my smile lines. Since I've been slowly transiting out skincare products with alcohol, I'm not sure if I would have picked this product up myself, but now that I have it, I am curious to see if this serum will make a difference in slowing the down the signs of aging around my mouth area.


Are you the type of person that’s excited by a blind date, takes spontaneous trips, or feels the thrill from detective novels and mysteries unknown in suspenseful movies? I usually would answer “no” to most of these questions [haha] but I AM willing to take a small leap of faith and risk $25 for clean beauty’s sake. I enjoyed 4 out of 5 products from this month's Goodbeing's clean beauty subscription box and look forward to what January's box will bring. 

Wishing you a BEAUTY-full Day!

*The December Beauty Box was gifted by Goodbeing for an honest review.

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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