December 5, 2018

December's Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics – Twelve Beauty Review

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It's still 70–80 degrees in Florida, hot and muggy, but something about the quality of the sun, even here, has shifted to winter. The low, long dramatic shadows caused by sunrise and sunset anticipate the darker and cooler months ahead, the reflective season of Advent, and the celebration of all things Christmas.

As I write this post sipping on a cup of hot cocoa while wearing flip flops and summer shorts with the fan on full blast, I can't help but think that CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY THIS YEAR. Opening this month's Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics rushed me back to my childhood Christmases – the innocent thrill and excitement of stuffed stockings, half eaten cookies, and gifts under the Christmas tree.

The Clean Beauty Box is a wonderful way to discover and experience high-quality, ethically sourced, and [most importantly] consumer-safe self-care products. Each month, they collaborate with skin care and beauty brands to provide a themed [this month was winter skin care] and curated collection of 2 to 4, full sized products, right to your front door. No chimney required for this gift's delivery!

Their beauty discovery service not only helps us in navigating the ever-growing skin care market by researching for us in advance products that are "clean" – non-toxic and cruelty-free – but it also offers them to us at a fraction of the actual cost. For example, this month's box has a retail value of a whoppin' $168 but the monthly subscription starts at only $39-$41 per month.

NOW, THE UNBOXING    [Drumroll please...]

The Clean Beauty Box collaborates with a visual artist each month to design the pamphlet and box's slip cover. December's adorable floral print illustration is brought to us by Ms. Vashchuk design studio, The Tiny Garden.


Art Of Organics might have saved their best collaboration for last because this month's partnership is a full brand feature of a rising star in the beauty community, known for their luxurious, plant based skin care line, TWELVE Beauty.

The December box includes their Rapid Eye Treatment, and the Rewarding Body Balm!

TWELVE Beauty's nine–piece skincare collection uses only the most essential and purest active ingredients drawn from nature to formulate products that effectively protect and restore the skin as it ages. Dr. Pedro Catalá, the founder of TWELVE Beauty is a cosmetologist and pharmacist with an extensive research background in botany and plant extracts.

"The entire TWELVE collection... is completely free from parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals and glycols. All formulas are plant based and meet stringent requirements on green chemistry. They are also naturally scented with floral extracts and traces of essentials oils and use only natural emulsifiers." –


You can read all about the unique botanical peptides in this eye cream's formula that "firm, lift, and drain the skin below the eye" in the helpful pamphlet [pictured above] provided in the Clean Beauty Box. But here was my experience and 2¢ on the Rapid Eye Treatment by Twelve Beauty:

EXPERIENCE – It has a silky, smoothing, easily spreadable texture, and is very lightweight, yet not watery. It feels similar to a silicone based face primer, but without any silicone in it. The creamy serum absorbs into the skin quickly but instead of drying out completely, I can still feel a moisturizing layer protecting and nourishing the skin. A lentil sized amount of this eye cream/serum is more than enough to spread across my entire eye area.

BENEFITS – I don't have dark under-eyes or bags [yet!] but I'm definitely starting to notice fine wrinkles around the eye area, especially on the bottom inner corner of my eyes. I have always, and very conveniently, blamed my most current concealer for the crepiness and the accentuation of these fine lines, as I've attempted to cover them up with makeup. But instead of putting a bandaid on the problem, this eye serum treats it.

This eye cream has become a regular player in my evening and morning routine. When worn in the morning, I can really tell the difference in the quality of my under-eyes. That usually "crepey" area looks more plumped, and the fine lines are hardly noticeable.

Also, I've been using the Rapid Eye Treatment as a lip treatment as well. I apply it on my lips as a moisturizing layer before applying a heavier beeswax based lip balm to seal the moisture in. I'm breaking all the rules here! Haha!


EXPERIENCE – The texture of the Rewarding Body Balm is almost like a... cold cream. It's not dense [like straight-up beeswax] but it's not very lightweight either, like a regular body lotion. It's a rich and thick emulsion, yet still whipped and mousse-like in texture, and spreads easily on the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It has a very subtle, refreshing and cool fragrance, like pine and peppermint – with the scent intensity reduced to low.

BENEFITS – As I mentioned earlier, it's still somewhat warm and muggy in Florida but, I, being blessed with naturally dry skin [do you notice a hint of sarcasm?], my body needs all the help it can get, all-year-round. If neglected, my skin starts to look and feel like an elephant's – dry, cracked, itchy and irritated. This body balm has an immediate softening and soothing effect on my skin and maintains its moisturized state throughout the day.


There are several clean & green, thoughtfully curated, subscription boxes available – the most reputable ones being the Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics, Beauty Heroes' and Boxwalla's Beauty Boxes – that allow us to discover quality beauty products for a fraction of the retail price. So whether as a treat for yourself or as a gift from someone special, I hope you'll have an opportunity to experience the December Clean Beauty Box by Art of Organics!

Wishing you all a BEAUTY-Full Day!


*The Clean Beauty Box was kindly gifted by Art of Organics 

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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