November 29, 2018

What Not To Do – PART I – Interchanging Daytime & Evening Products

Hello Friends!

I'll be publishing a series of posts addressing some basic information on how to correctly and safely get the most out of your skin care products.

Not to scare you but...

making one simple yet uninformed mistake can damage your skin permanently! I hope these short and sweet articles will equip you with the basic knowledge to help you avoid these simple yet irreversible blunders.


Would you ever put on sunscreen in the evening, just before going to bed? That would be silly, right?

There are good and specific reasons for why some products are recommended for either morning or evening application. And, you may have noticed that many skin care companies will offer a separate daytime moisturizer/serum and evening set. Even for products that aren't specifically labeled for morning or evening wear, it might be good to decipher for yourself [with wisdom gained from reliable external sources] into which category your product falls. 

For instance, some daytime products are formulated specifically to lay down a protective barrier to shield your skin from harmful environmental agents like sun and pollution. While some evening products are composed of ingredients that are not compatible with the sun – this is where it becomes dangerous. 

Generally speaking, anything with citrus, juices of certain plants, and several essential oils should be avoided in the morning because of its potential to harm the skin with sun exposure.

"Phytophotodermatitis is a phototoxic reaction which is caused by contact with photosensitizing substances (e.g., psoralens, furocoumarins) present in plants and subsequent exposure to sunlight. Among many plants that can cause phytophotodermatitis, celery is known as the most common causative plant followed by citrus fruits, such as lime, lemon and grapefruit." [The Korean Dermatological Association and The Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology]


DON'T PANIC but do make the proper changes to your skin care routine.

KNOW AND RESEARCH YOUR INGREDIENTS – Even if a skin care company markets something as "clean" or "safe," really know what you're putting on your face, by checking for yourself the safety of your skin care products.

DON'T MIX SUN & CITRUS – Avoid all products with citrus oils in them if you know you'll be exposed to any kind of sunlight [sunlight streaming through windows counts too] and set those products aside for your evening routine.

WEAR SPF – prevent further damage by wearing sunscreen everyday – even on cloudy days and for all seasons, Winter and Spring included.


Citrus oils are an essential part of my everyday evening routine. They're a great, natural resource for skin brightening and a source of antioxidants to slow down signs of aging. "Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can neutralise and remove oxidants, such as those found in environmental pollutants and after exposure to ultraviolet radiation." [] But these powerfully potent tools need to be used with wisdom and with a grain of salt.

If you've never thought of this before, I hope this article piques your curiosity to know what's in your skin care products and to help you think about the protection and longevity of your skin's health.

Check back soon to read PART II – All About Facial Oils – of the"What Not To Do" series!

Wishing you a BEAUTY-Full Day!



Here are a couple interesting reads on the relationship between citrus fruits and sun sensitivity:

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Ouch! Lemons and other plants can cause a special sunburn: They contain chemicals that, when activated by the sun, kill skin cells – Science News for Students

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