November 21, 2018

Drawn from Nature – Book Detail

Where do you draw your inspiration? 

Artist, Joseph Prestele [1796–1867], has preserved flora in a way that captures his delight of them for us to enjoy – even 200 years since his work's inception. 

I was immediately attracted to Prestele's delicate care for each illustration and the excellence and expertise of his lithography. He gives each plant dignity and new life – the beauty shines through.

Each engraved illustration is as striking and beautiful as the next. As I flip through, page by page, I imagine the sweet fragrance of flowers, sunlight piercing though branches and illuminating the leaves, the cool air of spring, and the textures – soft, delicate petals and barely there buds – it overwhelms my senses and gives me pleasure. 

"...the flowers, fruits, and trees they portrayed with such loving care will always give pleasure, for they recall the fresh beauty of America's springtime." – Charles Van Ravenswaay

Photographs of pages captured from
 Drawn from Nature: The Botanical Art of Joseph Prestele and His Sons
Curated by Charles Van Ravenswaay 
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington , D.C., 1984


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