September 30, 2018

Idiot's Guide to Cleansers - Oil Cleansers, Milk Cleansers & The Double Cleansing Method

Have you heard? Oil Cleansing is the new black these days.

Harsh make-up wipes are slowly on their way out and oils are now in vogue! Almost all skin care routines around the world - K beauty included - are recommending this double cleansing method as a way of drawing out impurities and prepping the face for optimal hydration.

In the double cleansing method, you first use an oil based cleanser to gently breakup and remove oil based impurities like excess facial oil and sun screen and makeup. There are so many options out there, but personally, I like to oil cleanse with purely natural, non-comedogenic oils [like jojoba, hemp-seed, argon, avocado, sunflower, ect] or a blend of these oils. Also, here's an instructive article on the "how to's" of oil cleansing. 

for step 1 of the double cleanse - an oil cleanser* from A'del's Luxury Skin Care Set

Then the second, a water based cleanser, will further remove air-pollutants, dirt and water based impurities like sweat and also help address specific skin concerns like acne, exfoliation, refining, and hydration. The oil cleanse dissolves and draws the impurities out of the pores while the second cleanse effectively washes them away.

for step 2 of the double cleanse - A water based, gentle foaming cleanser* by Bristol & Sussex

Also, nowadays, there are a few hybrid milk cleansers where you can consolidate both steps of the double cleansing method into one! As you may have guessed, I especially love these. With a milk cleanser, you dampen your face, still with a day's worth of dirt, grime and makeup on, and massage the cleanser into the skin in a gentle circular motion. Then you simply rinse it all off with warm water and - voila - you're clean and prepped. No need for steaming the face with a hot wash cloth for these milk cleansers which makes it especially convenient for when you're pressed for time or traveling. 

L'uvalla Milk Cleanser* [pictured at the very top] and OSEA's Ocean Cleansing Milk* are two clean and effective cleansers that I've been using and enjoying these days.

Happy Cleansing!


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