September 20, 2018

All You Need Is Lipstick - O - V - E

Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite makeup tricks that I save especially for the cooler seasons. With a single tube of lipstick, I color my lips, my cheeks, AND my eyelids! Did I just hear the beauty police knocking on my door? haha. I'm breaking all the rules here!

This way, I don't ever have to worry about matching my lips to my cheeks or eyes! And because of it's portability, this hack comes in handy when on the road. Just some skin care essentials, clean underwear, and a handful of lipsticks and DONE[!], I'm packed.

A perfect transition from summer to winter, this single lipstick trick might just launch you into Fall feeling all warm and cozy and dreaming of pumpkin chai lattes - if that's your thing. [wink]

And you know the feeling when you're on a super consistent routine and you're just craving something new and exciting - to mix things up a little? Well after a long hot & humid summer, to greet the cooler season properly, I'm all for switching up my cosmetic palettes to get creative and excited about makeup again.

I've been trying out an all natural makeup line by A'DEL and I am absolutely loving their Fall toned lipsticks and eyeshadows! I'll be sharing some fall looks on my Instagram stories this week so keep your eyes peeled!

A'del's fall inspiring eyeshadows (from left to right) - Butterscotch, Brown Sugar, Autumn, Dusk

Soon to come is a post on how to transition from a summer skin care routine to one optimized for cold weather, but this lipstick hack seemed like more fun so I shared it first!

Have a BEAUTY-FULL Day! 
xoxo Grace

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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