July 22, 2018

Small Space Style - Organization Ideas

Moving to the Big Apple from LA, I had to learn from scratch how to make every inch of a small Manhattan apartment count! I had to be creative and strategic - using each nook and cranny as a chic and stylish place for storage and utility.

Lesson learned, by making my self-care and cosmetic products clearly visible and easily accessible, I was able to shave off precious minutes to my morning and evening routine! Here are some tips to minimize clutter and to keep your beauty favorites organized.

Put A Lazy Susan to Work

A rotating organizer is a great way to make many items accessible in a small area. This one doubles as a mirror too!

Add Levels

This two tired marble server from Crate&Barrel allows you to stack twice the amount of products in a single space - doubling your skin-care real estate.

Keep All Your Essentials in One Place

Keep your tried and true, daily morning make-up essentials in one area. This way you won't waste time fumbling through drawers or pouches.

Set Aside a Travel Pouch

Have a make-up pouch handy for traveling and on-the-go touch up tools.

Think Outside the Box

Be creative. You don't always have to buy a plain plastic container for your storage. This contemporary, mixed material , wood and glass office organizer blends seamlessly into a modern design.

Happy Organizing and have a BEAUTY-FULL day!
xoxo Grace

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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