July 16, 2018

"Get the LOOK" Lipstick Series - Beautycounter's Color Intense in Classic Red & Tips for Longer Lasting Lip Color

Thank you for joining me on my "get the LOOK" lipstick series! In the next several posts I'll be sharing my absolute favorite lip colors from Beautycounter's Color Intense Lipstick Collection.

Today, I'll be highlighting their most vibrant lip color - Girl's Night - and sharing some tips for longer-lasting lip color!

Dancer by day, photographer by night - there are days when I'm needing to fashion black all day long. Especially on those days, I crave a bright, fun lip color to add a little spunk to my look. That's when I whip out my classic red lipsticks!

This particular shade of red is closer to a fuchsia - a vivid purplish red color - then a crayola crayon red. This lipstick is highly pigmented and adds a punch of color with each swipe - not for the faint of heart. It glides on ultra smooth like lip balm and sets mostly matte with a soft sheen on the surface. 

"Girl's Night Out" - a vibrant fuchsia.

Wondering just how much lipstick, lip balm, and lip gloss I might have already consumed in my life, swapping out my former lip-wear was high on my do-to-list when making the transition over to a toxin-free beauty routine. And I'm so glad I did - I love these safe and satiny lipsticks! 

These Color Intense Lipsticks are generally long -wearing and I haven't had problems yet with the color smearing out of my lip line throughout the day. But since it is a creamier formula compared to other matte lipsticks, I usually have it handy, just in case, for slight touch-ups after meals or a sweaty rehearsal. Also, these three easy tricks will ensure that your lips will look fabulous all day long!

Three tips for longer-lasting lip color 

1. Start with a strong foundation [literally!] - When applying your base foundation, smear and buffer it also on your lips. This sheer layer will act as a primer and help the product stick better.
2. Build your layers - after your initial layer of foundation and first layer of lipstick, take a concentrated amount of powder foundation or finishing powder and lightly brush over the lips. Let it set for a minute and then, apply your final layer of lipstick on top.
3. Seal in the color with a setting powder - This final step is a lip-color saver! I use Beautycounter's finishing powder to set the top layer of lipstick. This will also absorb away any extra oils around the mouth area preventing it from bleeding out of your lip line. 

Happy Lipsticking!

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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