July 15, 2018

EcoTools' Environmentally-Friendly Make-up Brush Review

These budget friendly, high-performing, eco-conscious brushes from EcoTools are a must have in your brush collection! 

Can I tell you how much I adore these brushes? 

First of all, they bring such visual beauty to my bathroom counter and they are a delight to use when applying each step of make-up! EcoTools' environmentally friendly and chic brush collection has wonderfully soft bristles made from all recycled plastic and aluminum. Their brush handles feel fine-tuned and light in my hands and are crafted with renewable bamboo. Not to mention how highly affordable they are - priced at only $6 to $10 per brush! I found my set of brushes at Whole Foods but I've also seen them sold at my local Target and Ulta.

The Retractable Face Brush with soft fluffy bristles is great for light touches of finishing powder and bronzer. Its compact and mess-free design makes it perfect to carry in my purse and to pack for vacations.

Start the Day Beautiful Set is a good choice if you're looking to replace several of your brushes and if you're purchasing a brush set for the first time. I use them to apply concealer, blush, contour and eyeshadow.

My absolute favorite is the Wonder Cover Complexion Brush. It has a whopping 100,000 bristles for "a full coverage application of cream and liquid foundations." I don't usually wear "full-coverage" on a day to day basis so to create a more natural, no-makeup look, I spread liquid foundation evenly all over my face using my fingers and then "stipple" [a quick and light tapping motion applied perpendicularly to the facial skin] to gently press the formula into the skin for longer lasting coverage and to blur away any streaks. I also use this brush to "buffer" in powder foundations to meld my natural skin oils and the powder together. Taking this extra step ensures that the powder will seamlessly blend into the skin instead of sitting on top of it - leaving your skin looking naturally flawless.

The Wonder Cover Complexion Brush ($9) is the second brush from the left with a flattened top

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