July 15, 2018

Beautycounter’s All Powder Collection – Matching the Right Shade to Your Skin – Blush, Bronzer, Highlighter

There has been so much excitement this past week about Beautycounter’s recent release of their “All New Powder Collection” – and rightly so! Not only do their beautiful pigments blend seamlessly into your skin, they are free of all potentially harmful ingredients, and each batch is tested for heavy metals by using industry-leading safety standards. With 7 new blush colors, 2 new highlighters and, 3 shades of bronzers – the only problem is deciding which color works best for your unique skin tone!

Luminous Powder Collection & Radiant All Over Bronzer Collection
1. Dune 2. Halo 3. Surf 4. Topaz 5. Cabana

Luminous Powder Highlighters

1. Halo   2. Topaz
The Good: The highlighter applies to a sheer pearl color and adds a slight shimmer when seen under a light source. Its effect is subtle and beautiful and the tripled-milled powder glides on easily with no clumping.

This highlighter works very similarly to the Halo and is intended to be used by those with darker skin tones. On my skin it has a slightly orange/apricot color so those with ultra fair skin tones could use this as a bronzer or blush.

Contour Detour - Highlighters can be used in two different ways. There are matte highlighters applied strategically for the purpose of brightening parts of your face to bring dimension and contour. [With my Asian features, which can look flat without a little contour help, the matte highlighter is crucial to my make-up routine.] The second kind of highlighters are applied at the very end to give an illuminating effect to the face by adding a bit of glow and shimmer.

Not Great: Unfortunately, these highlighter does a little bit of both [of lightening and illuminating] but not that well in either category. As a reference, I wear Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Foundation in Linen (which is the 2nd lightest color) and have a light to medium surface tone. This highlighter did not make my skin look brighter/lighter in tone and I wish it were slightly more illuminating. I had to put on quite a bit of product to create a strobing effect which made my makeup look ghost-like and powdery.

Radiant All Over Bronzer

1. Dune  2. Surf  3. Cabana

All three bronzers have a slight shimmer and have a bit of warmth – a terra cotta like undertone – which gives the face and body a sun kissed appearance without the damage of sun exposure.

DUNE is terra cotta – brown with slight orange. For my skin it was too warm in color and looked more like a blush than a bronzer.

SURF is similar to the color of Dune except slightly more brown than orange. I thought this one blended with my natural skin tone a little better than Dune.

Finally CABANA is more chocolate/coffee bean tone of brown mixed in with a little terra cotta. I liked this color best on my skin because when I naturally tan, I usually turn this tone of brown and it looked most natural on me.

As you can see in the color swatches above, the shades for all three bronzers are similar. The depth of color- how dark the bronzers look on your face - can be toned down or easily intensified by applying additional layers. The difficulty that I encountered in deciding on a bronzer was not the darkness but the tone. I would advise choosing a shade that best matches your skin at the end of summer season when you’re the most tan. With sun exposure, I usually tan a more sepia brown with very slight redness so Cabana suited me best. But if you have very fair skin that turns brownish- red with sun exposure – Dune and Surf may look most natural on you.

Contour Detour – in general, when you’re adding definition to the face by creating shadows with a darker color, ideally a matte grey-toned brown product should be used. For instance, when you observe a shady area in harsh sunlight, the colors under the shade are grey-toned and de-saturated and there’s a lack of shimmer because less light is bouncing off its surface. Because of the shimmery character and the warmth of these bronzers, I advise to not use these particular bronzer palettes for contouring. 

Satin Powder Blush

My blush philosophy is this – instead of getting a pale pink color and caking on more product to build up the intensity, I like to have bright blushes on hand and apply a very sheer layer, blended in, for the most natural looking rosy cheeks. With that being said, there is a limit to how bright you should go – as there are some blush pigments that much too bright for a fair to light skinned complexion.

To help you decide which blush works best for you, I’ve categorized my recommendation for the varying range of skin tones, descriptions of each color, and a color swatch on my arm. My favorites were Guava and Nectar!

To clearly show you the color palette, I packed on a lot of pigment on my arm. But, not too worry, it doesn’t actually look that bright when applied as a sheer layer on the cheeks. 

Recommendations for Ranges of Skin Tones
Fair to Light Skin Tone – Nectar, Melon, Guava
Medium to Dark Skin Tone - Sorbet, Date, Nectar, Melon, Guava
Dark Skin Tone [very pigmented] – Sorbet, Passion fruit, Raspberry

Color Descriptions 

Guava – light strawberry pink
Nectar – light peachy pink – very similar to Powder Blush Duo’s Apricot
Melon – light coral-y pink with a hint of orange
Sorbet – rosy pink with a kick
Date – light coral-y pink with a hint of orange
Raspberry – fuscia
Passion fruit – bright coral, more orange than pink

I hope this up-close look at Beautycounter's new powder collection was helpful in finding the right shade for your individual skin tone and make-up needs. If you have questions or want more advice on which shades looks best on you - leave me a comment below!

Also, have you taken a look at their three new velvety eyeshadow palettes?

"A safer, high-performance line of lip colors, foundations, bronzers and more. Beauty should do no harm." -Beautycounter

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography


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