June 23, 2018

How to Layer your Skin Care Products in the Right Order– Step by Step

Have you ever wondered how to layer your skin care in the right order? The simplest answer is to go from your thinnest to your thickest one. A proper ordering of your skin care products will allow for the greatest absorption of active ingredients into your skin bringing the most effective healing and change in the shortest amount of time. With that being said, everyone is unique and your skin care routine should be modified to ideally suit your skin’s needs. Find out what works for you and which products you may need in order to address each of your skin’s concerns.

Below I’ve included a Step-By-Step Chart for easy reference and a quick explanation of each of these steps

Skin Care Regiment Demystified:

Exfoliator – Doing this 2-3 times a week in the morning will clean out your pores and smooth prep your skin for more beautiful makeup application.

Masks – Masks can absorb excess oil and deep cleanse your skin by drawing out hard to reach impurities in your skin. Find one that is targeted to address your skin’s individual needs – minimizing appearance of pores, firming skin, brightening and hydrating. I recommend masking 2-3 times a week in the evening after your cleanser.

Toner – This will clean your pores of excess make-up in the evening and remove excess facial oils/sebum in the morning. Look for products without alcohol, as this may dry out your skin.

Serum – These lightweight moisturizers soak into the skin very quickly - the reason why it should be applied before moisturizer. It not only boosts the hydrating effect of your moisturizer, this step will be highly useful in addressing specific skin problems like wrinkles, dark spots, sun damage, and enlarged pores.

Eye Cream – Sadly, eye creams are often overlooked in skin care choreography but this step is crucial in maintaining the health of your eyelid skin. If you haven’t already, start today! Applying this in the morning and in the evening will prevent the eyelid skin from losing laxity and retain its smooth, youthful appearance.

Moisturizer – Moisturizer sets the serum and eye cream on your skin and hydrates the skin. I have normal to dry skin and I am naturally drawn to a creamy, richer moisturizer for both day and evening application. For those of you who tend to have slightly oily skin, I would look for a moisturizer set that includes a lightweight face lotion for daytime and a creamier nighttime lotion.

Face Oil – Oils can be absorbed through moisturizers but not the other way around. Therefore it should always be applied towards the end. These oils act as a sealant that keeps the moisture in - a protective layer for your epidermis - and gives your skin the opportunity to absorb the serum and moisturizer.

Last but  not least...

Sunscreen – Sun damage is real and scary. The number one cause of aging skin, wrinkles, and skin cancer is from sun exposure. Sunny or not, sun protection should be worn every season and even if you’re only going outside for 5min. All those short exposures to UV rays will add up and it may even be penetrating through un-tinted car/building windows.

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