September 1, 2018

Quench Your Skin's Thirst - 5 Easy Hacks to Get the Most Out of Each Sheet Mask

Sheet masks - as scary as they may look to our significant other - can be one of the most effective ways to moisturize, condition and treat our skin. Have you tried it? It's a smart addition to a skincare regimen because of its gradual and long term benefits of hydration and anti-aging! A properly hydrated skin means less inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, and breakouts. Also a plump, moisturized skin - let's imagine a grape versus a raisin here - will retain it's collagen level for longer which means less wrinkles and fine lines! Yay!

Perhaps you've never masked before or you're an regular masker and want to UP YOUR GAME? 

Here are five easy hacks to get the most out of each sheet mask!

ONE - Prep your skin with a good cleanse - if you're like me and exfoliate every three or four days, try to land your sheet masking session on one of those days. With your pores squeaky clean and with dead skin, dirt, and other impurities removed, this will provide the best environment for the serums to soak into your skin.

TWO - Open up those pores with a relaxing steaming session - to take it up a notch, when I'm feeling especially inspired, I'll fill a basin with warm-hot water, put my face above the steam, and throw a towel over my head for a sauna like steaming session.

THREE - Take your time when spreading the sheet - This step is SO important! Ideally, you want the sheet mask to adhere to your face, like 2nd skin, without a single wrinkle. Why? Only the parts of your skin, touching the sheet, are being injected with that oh-so-hydrating serum.

FOUR - Set a timer for 15 to 20min [tops] - This may seem counterintuitive - longer is usually better, right? Not in this case. As the sheet mask dries it can actually take away the moisture that's already on your face. If you feel like the mask is starting to dry out - usually around 15min - this is the perfect time to peel it off.

FIVE - Make use of each precious drop of serum - Most mask packages with a single sheet comes filled with an generous amount of serum. This leftover serum can be massaged into the face, neck, chest, arms, back of the hands until every drop is used.

* Also, you don't have to wash your face after a sheet masking session. The serums left on your face will continue to do it's job of hydrating once it's been sealed with a moisturizer.

And last but not least, get a good night of beauty sleep.

Happy Masking!

All images © 2018 Grace Song Photography

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